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Konus Audio is our overseas distributor and at the same time a manufacturer of their own brand audio equipment. The location of the company is Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Mr. Sead Lejlic, President of Konus AudioMr. Sead Lejlic, President of Konus Audio

Mr. Sead Lejlic, President of Konus Audio and I have a long relationship. And I sincerely respect his quest and passion for audio and his sincere warm personality.

In 2020, Konus Audio added a special model using Sternklang's internal wire (custom product) to the conventional lineup, and I ordered the integrated amplifier "Integrale 2000" 100V version.

Konus Audio

The robust and compact chassis made of die-cast aluminum with thick orange and gray paint appeals, "It's not just cute."

Two high-grade RCA pin jacks, a high-grade speaker output terminal (also compatible with banana terminals), and a power switch are mounted on the rear panel of the chassis.

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Mounted on the front panel are an input switching lever switch and a machined volume knob. No remote control. No instruction manual. That's it.

I’m impressed with Sead's confidence and courage to release such a clean amp in this age.

Integrale 2000 has a primitive structure that does not pursue convenience. What I expect from such a solid-state amplifier is "extraordinarily good sound quality." There is nothing else.

I connected the cable, half as expected and half as uneasy, played the CD, and slowly turned the volume knob on the Integrale 2000 ....

I was surprised at the freshness of the sound. I had the illusion that I was not listening to the sound of the amplifier, but directly listening to the sound of the internal wire of Sternklang. It is an amplifier that produces such a straightforward and pure sound.

A performance examination using music sources of various genres was conducted for 3 days. This was very exciting and fun. I gave a perfect score in all factors such as residual noise, resolution, force, speed, sound image density, spatial depiction.

The low residual noise is a remarkable beauty point, and creates a deep and transparent sea-like sound field space. Immersing myself here, I realize the superiority of the Integrale 2000 in a listening environment where smartphones and Wi-Fi radio waves fly around.

And I thought: "I can do Buddhahood with this amp. If I can do Buddhahood, about three more people should be able to do Buddhahood. Then, I should recommend this."

That's why we will distribute Konus Audio in Japan from November 2020. Start with "Integrale 2000". ( Koji Teramura)

Konus Audio Integrale 2000
Konus AudioIntegrale 2000
Input 2x Line Level
Output Power 2 x 33W @ 8 Ohm
Class AB
Size 192 mm (w) x 245 mm (d) x 75 mm (h)192 mm (w) x 245 mm (d) x 75 mm (h)
Weight 3.2kg
Power Consumption Standby 4,3 W/h - Full Power AVG less than 15 W/h (@ 230 V)
Warranty 5years
Source URL http://www.konus-audio.com/integrale-2000.html
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